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"It’s a fantastic idea for people to be able to try out activities without signing up for long-term never know what you might like until you try"

"Both Bowls and Badminton has given me opportunities to try new skills and meet more people".

"From my first experience of attending Get Up and Go Havant (Tai Chi) sessions, my health and well-being has improved considerably.  I attribute my fall in blood pressure to Tai Chi.  I have encouraged to try other activities such as paddle-boarding which has increased my self-confidence and interest in getting fitter and increase exercise.  Sophie is brilliant - always encouraging and super efficient in organising activities.  I would thoroughly recommend Get Up and Go to those who wish to improve fitness and exercise, have fun and make new friends".

"It has made me get up and move and meet lovely people"

"Learning  to Nordic walk has enabled me to join two walking groups and take part regularly in walking 4-7 miles, something I was unable to undertake previously."

"I attended a SUP session which really helped me realise exercise can be fun. It wasn't scary, and I realised so many other people were experiencing similar feelings to me, it really improved my confidence."

"I have increased my physical activity and have joined a new, friendly sports club".

Getting out, communing with nature and meeting new people have all helped my mood and feeling of wellness

"Feeling more flexible, social interactions are good. We laugh and can ask advice from Sarah."

"Since moving to the area in recent years I found it difficult to meet others in my age group. Finding walking netball has been the best thing I have done. Apart from loving the sport, it is such good fun and all of the ladies are so welcoming and a fabulous group. I wish it was perhaps a little longer than an hour as it goes too quick ! Would love another session per week too as it really does boost my wellbeing."

"It’s given me a kick start to start making healthier choices and take stock of what I’ve been doing to my body."

"Sarah is a superb pilates instructor, so long may her courses continue."

"From doing the beginner and improvers swimming course I have been able to build more confidence and calmness while swimming. I have also learned how to swim more efficiently and treat water which is a valuable skill to have. Thanks so much to the swimming instructors in working in the evenings to help us improve our swimming skills!"

"I love the walking Netball … I have done many exercise classes over many years but missed  playing a  team a sport … it’s great fun , non scoring and run very well with exciting warm ups as well as playing the game … Highly recommend to all who are thinking about it … you will laugh and learn"

"I tentatively contacted Jo about yoga after a friend had told me about her experience paddle boarding. I am on the waiting list for the next session. While researching the paddle boarding I noticed the yoga group and signed up. It has been wonderful to practice yoga again after a long break. Jo leads the group with sensitivity, flexibility and always enhances the session with information, mindfulness and spirituality."

As a more mature person I liked the idea of trying yoga but couldn't face the idea of being in a class of slim, fit, leotard clad people. Get up and go has given me the confidence to enjoy the classes at my own pace and with a lovely, kind and gentle tutor. So glad I went along, it has given me a whole new look at my way of life -

"Just love it. Feel like I’m doing something positive, burning calories , getting fitter and meeting new friends.  Other friends have joined up too so it has a ripple affect"

I needed a new challenge and learning to swim at my age is something I thought I could try an achieve. The group of 7 people all of the same age was brilliant and 5 of us have continued to meet for swimming every Monday. This would not have been possible if we hadn’t started with get up and go activities. I look forward to my swimming now and am gaining confidence in the water. It has also allowed me to make new friends

"I attended the ladies boxing and it was brilliant. It gave myself and my daughter the confidence to attend more gym sessions and we have been back to the boxing classes on a Sunday on a couple of occasions."

"The swimming lessons has given me the confidence to get back in a swimming pool and be more active in general"

"Started me exercising again at class & exercising at home & feeling better in myself" msel

"I have arthritis and pilates has made a huge difference to my pain and movement.    I also have pins and plates  in one of my arms after an accident a few years ago. My arm was very weak still and I was afraid to use it.  I have built up using it through pilates and it's now much more comfortable generally."

"It's great to try new activities in a safe and friendly manner"

"Opened me up to a much wider variety of things to enjoy and keep me healthy and moving"

"Improved my confidence and fitness."


"Since joining yoga &pilates classes I have felt fitter & stronger both physically but importantly for me mentally. I work alone at home and can sometimes feel isolated but these weekly classes have made me get out & about more and I can feel my confidence returning after it took a big hit during COVID lockdown."

"I was off work with stress/burnout and went along to the sea swimming which certainly helped to cheer me up and have something good to look forward to that made me feel alive."

"Getting fitter and losing weight helping to reduce hypertension"

"Helped me focus on my health and wellbeing"

"Get Up and Go has really helped me to get some confidence.  I attended with my husband as having anxiety I get stressed about doing new things on my own.  Having completed the course and started another one, I am able to attend the sessions on my own as I feel a lot more confident.  Being part of a group we have all really bonded and really enjoy ourselves so much that we are planning to set up our own badminton group so we can all carry on playing.  Without Get Up and Go this would not have been possible for me."

"I took part in the Outdoor Swimming lessons and loved them I have since taken swimming lessons to improve my technique and hopefully start to swim throughout the year outside"

"Attending a stand up paddle course really improved my confidence. Really nice group of people, lots of fun and enjoyed learning a new skill."

"I loved it, it made me feel happy and I thought I could never do something like that. And I would love to fo it all again if possible. I am going to go to the mental health swim in May. So looking forward to it."

"Get up and go has been a life changer it's opened doors that would never have been opened. Me and my husband both did it and we both joined the coastal academy rowing and we have made many friends and get together regular with all these new friends and love every second on the water . We also have done the paddle board course again fabulous and I did lawn bowls too and once again made nice friends not just acquaintances  but proper friends. I have proper stepped out of my comfort zone and for that HAVANT GET UP AND GO THANKYOU VERY VERY MUCH AND TO YOU TOO SOPHIE . Regards nicky xxx"

"The initial walks in Staunton country park has encouraged me to walk more often, more varied walks with new wellbeing groups"

"It’s been great meeting new people and doing some different activities which then inspire you to do more."

"It gave me more self confidence and increased my social life and enhanced my mental health"

"The women's boxing course was brilliant, not only very reasonably priced but a great workout with a fun and knowledgeable instructor! Definitely something I wouldn't have been able to try before - thank you!"

"I really enjoyed the ladies boxing sessions. I felt very included in an activity even though I have a disability and find it difficult to exercise."

"Ongoing higher fitness level. Combatting progressive osteoarthritis. A good BMI. Increase in social interface. THANK YOU."

"I have recently been attending the Ladies Only Boxing on Wednesday evenings.  Its such good fun, and also a very good workout!  Everyone is so kind and welcoming especially Zoe who takes the class every week.  Don't be afraid to give it a go."

"The biggest win was introducing me to like minded people with similar interests and fitness levels. Who I’ve stayed in contact with, and now can spend sociable time doing a new, more healthy pastime."

"The walking football sessions have been amazing, I feel fitter and its helped with my mental health issues as well as my balance problems....I wish I had done it sooner"

"Joining the Get Up and Go Lawn Bowls has opened up a whole new world.  The sport is so addictive and it opened up a whole new group of friends. Fresh air, exercise and a great social sport. Thank-you for the opportunity."

"It pushed me to do a new activity that was out of my comfort zone and therefore has given me more confidence in doing different things."

"Paddle boarding lifted my mental health by meeting other people and enjoyment"

"Made me feel happier as have lost weight and am walking lots more each day"

"Get up and Go has been absolutely fabulous in getting out and trying new activities such as the coastal rowing that I considered beyond my reach. The weights and low impact circuit trainings in The Meridian centre are so good as it’s a small venue and not as intimidating as a big gym. Plus the courses are set at just the right level for beginners/returners to these activities. Another bound for me is that I am new to Havant and it’s been a great opportunity to make new friends and learn about my new environment"

"Zoe’s boxing class is brilliant, thank you for these sessions!"

"Since taking part in the GUAG activities, especially the Costal Rowing, I have not only lost 20lbs but I have taken up jogging, my physical fitness overall has improved and my mental health is so much better. I've joined the CRAC and have taken part in my first costal rowing race competition! I'm aiming for the World Championships in the Scilly Isles next year!"

"It has helped me to become more confident socially, and helped me be more consistent and regular with exercise. Just wish I had more availability but work full time!"

"I love the opportunity to take part in Pilates during my lunchtime at my workplace, it makes me move away from my workstation which improves my mental well being and lifts my spirits. Sarah is a brilliant teacher, thanks!"

"I have always wanted to try boxing but didn't know how to get into it as I am not very fit and have health problems. I attended the first women's boxing classes and have started the second course. I thoroughly enjoy the classes. Zoe is brilliant and very understanding of health restriction"

"Open Water swimming was food for my mental health , I have a bad knee and take alot of medication. Was a great group and I learnt alot about how to read the water. I have kept up the cold water swimming with a lady I met within the group and really enjoy it , it makes me feel good".

"The Tai Chi I have been attending has been a revelation - for my mental health and for relaxation"

"A really brilliant initiative which has helped me to try a new activity. A really fun session, very reasonably priced with a great instructor. Very grateful to have got a place on the course".

"It’s encouraged me to walk more and be sociable".

"It has made me aware of the importance of giving myself special time to think and action my activies rather than push to a side. I know the importance of feeling good after an activity now".

"My joints are more flexible, helps with aches and pain. Much more strength in my muscles, tones the body. Very sociable. Lifts my mental health"

"I have found that taking part in the GUAG courses have boosted my mood, increased my fitness and introduced me to a lovely circle of new people".

"I have really enjoyed doing pilates once a week. pushing myself to do more than I thought capable of. It has encouraged me to think about my well-being more and that I am not too old yet! Plus the added bonus of meeting new people".

"Previous to my Osteoporosis and becoming Coeliac, I had practised yoga for 35 years. Due to multiple spine fractures/muscle spasms/trapped nerves/covid/lockdowns had hardly done any proper exercise in 5 years. Starting the Get up and Go yoga sessions recently has helped me with the first move to rekindle physical activity and has is good for my well being. Its good to be in a group session. I would like to join other activities also".

"I have joined Waterlooville bowls club. Love playing and enjoy the social side of being a member"

"Improved my mobility"

"Yoga seems to ease pain from my osteoarthritis"

"Get Up and Go is such a great scheme. All the teachers are so friendly and inclusive and I loved the courses I did. Since doing the courses I have been motivated to do more activities to keep me fit. I have joined a walking group and now also go swimming at the local Leisure Centre. The courses have given me the confidence to do this and I'm not sure I would have done it without them. Get Up and Go is a fantastic scheme and I hope to do more sessions with it in the future"

"it is good to keep active and meet people"

"I needed to do some resistance but didn’t like going to gyms so the women that lift was so brilliant to feel safe in a calm environment"

"It's encouraged me to try new activities and challenge myself"

"GUAG got me of the sofa and out of the door to start with and now I’m more active, fitter and healthier".

"I feel much better in my self for being more active"

"When I first started the Over 50s Men’s Weights class I was a diabetic and wanted to reduce my Hba1c level to at least a pre diabetic level. I really enjoyed the 6 week class which helped me in becoming more flexible and less tired. I signed up for the next 6 week course which has pushed me further in improving my well being and I am now pre diabetic, lost weight and much more happy in myself. I have now encouraged out her friends to join as it is the best way for older men to improve their health and well being"

"Get up and go has given me the opportunity to try new activities, in doing so I am have now joined a group open water swimming"

"I enjoy Pilates and feel that I am gradually becoming more supple"

"The course improved my activity levels and was great for the social side too"

"The coastal rowing taster has given me the confidence to take this activity further and improve my muscle strength and general fitness"

"Taking part in the activities offered by Get Up and Go have been really helpful to me. I feel I have developed in confidence and also learned more about myself as a result of joining in. I now feel more able to start other groups and to 'have a go' at exercises and activities i have previously only looked at. the tutors on both of my courses were amazing. Patient, calm, friendly and really invested in making sure everyone presnt in the groups was included and had a good time. i would HIGHLY recommend everyone to do these courses. They are brilliant."

"Yoga on a Monday “ sets me up “ for the week. Kindness and gentleness’ are rare qualities these days but it is ever present at the yoga sessions. Waterlooville community centre is an ideal place location clean and friendly. It all just woks so well and Jo ( yoga teacher ) is the magic ingredient. I feel very lucky to be able to attend. Thank you everyone".

"I first joined the coastal rowing GUAG course, and met the wonderful guys running it - they engaged/enthused and created a magical first intro to boats of any kind. It’s given me the opportunity to meet like minded people and create friendships and held me to account to finish work and get moving."

"The history walk at Staunton country park was very enjoyable and informative. Now booked for Flora and Forna walk in June. The Tai Chi classes are very good - feel like I am learning and it is encouraging me to keep going"

"Since I lost my husband GUAG has helped me to get out and meet people again. The group I am with on the Coastal Rowing are a happy and jolly group and lift my spirits".

"I have really enjoyed the coastal rowing and have two more sessions sessions to do . It has definitely made me start to be more active after inactivity through covid times".

"I've shed over 20lbs.blood pressure down"

It’s was lovely meeting new people and doing somthing I’ve never done before

"GUAG was a great opportunity to try out coastal rowing. As a result of the GUAG introductory course I have now joined the rowing club"

"As I am new the area I joined the Denmead Ramblers wellbeing walking group for Monday walks".

"My primary reason for attending was to find an activity that my wife could enjoy she has dementia".

"Made me look more at my lifestyle"

"It’s been good to do something in the local community".

"It has helped me to try new activities to see if they are something that I would enjoy that could make me more active. It has also helped me to be more social interactive which helps my wellbeing"

"I have found Pilates and weight training have made me much more aware of keeping active as I get older. Its great to have local activities within walking distance and in the daytime".

"Enjoyed yoga and multi sport feel better after for going".

"Really like taking part in the curling with my husband"

"After 5 years of multiple spine fractures/trapped nerves/muscle spasms due to severe Osteoporosis, when physically able to, I started yoga sessions which has improved my physical state and wellbeing. The physical improvement has allowed me to take part and enjoy other activities".

"I was hospitalised in January with flu and was so debilitated when I was discharged it took me nearly 5 months to recover. I decided to check out some gentle exercise after receiving your leaflet and booked up for chair yoga. My stamina and strength have improved along with my balance. I've been so impressed I've signed up for regular lessons".

"Great to be able to take part in activities I wouldn’t think to try and with people my own age"

"It's introduced me to a new activity and some new people and helped me deal with some stressful situations".

"Attending activities gave me the confidence to join local leisure centre"

"Great to feel good when being taught probably, I managed to stand up the whole session at paddle boarding and the open water swimming is great , I have learnt do much and how to do it right with breathing and lots more. Would not have been able to go if it was not offered to residents at a subsidised price"

"Pilates has helped me be more health conscious and I am trying to lose weight. It has helped mobility in my knee and I feel a little more supple. I have been motivated to invest in some equipment in ordrr to do the exercises at home".

"I commenced Tai Chi out of interest and then experienced a crisis in my self-confidence and self-worth due to work related stress. Get up and Go Havant has been my anchor encouraging me to take part in activities to improve my mood and physical well-being. Whenever I feel panicked, I practice Tai Chi breathing exercises, I feel grouned and less anxious. I have hypertension that has been difficult to manage due to stress and was recently checked by my GP and was very surprising and delightful 120/80( that of a 20 yr old) which it has not been for years and I attribute to the techniques I have learnt with Tai Chi. I amazed myself by being able to master stand-up paddle-boarding through a session organised by Get up and Go Havant and have rediscovered my love of Nordic Walking on Hayling Seafront. I cannot wait for Ladies Wt-lifting to start! TY Get up and Go Havant and Sophie for enabling me to regain my sense of self-worth, lose weight and improve my physical fitness and health".

"Encouraged me to rekindle the love of playing football. for my abilities".

"Introduced me to coastal rowing. I have now joined the club and will row regularly. If not for GUAG I wold never have done this. Thank you"

Get and go has given me the opportunity to try new activities. Open water swimming has been fantastic, I have learnt new skills, about open water safety and meeting new people. The instructor Bekki is amazing and very patient. I have also tried paddle boarding, again great experience with a lovely patient instructor

"Loved the rowing. Being outside, in all weathers, with others is so good for physical and mental health".

"Good to do something different"

"I am sure my strength and balance have improved. I have bought some equipment to allow me to continue my fitness programmes at home between classes. The classes are fun but have the right amount of challenge. I always feel energised when I finish a class".

"I thoroughly enjoyed the coastal rowing and then joined the sea swimming group and am now swimming in the sea regularly and plan to try and continue through the winter as it makes me feel so much more energetic and I have been cycling there and back"

" I am much fitter socialising far more and I feel healthier for getting out and about in huge amounts x havant get upand go is a amazing set up and the council have done a amazing thing for havant and surrounding areas residents x and Sophie is a fab ambassador for " havant get up and go " thankyou xx"

"Loved coastal rowing and would like to join club, however still working full time, but met some fabulous people and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tried the boxing, but it wasn’t for me, am now doing a circuits class after doing the ladies that lift class, and very much enjoying that!"

"During a difficult time for me personally, my weekly Get Up and Go activity has really helped me. At the end of each session I feel relaxed and more positive in my general outlook". 

"I’ve discovered that the stance used in Nordic Walking when adopted when walking without poles in everyday life enables me to walk much further and pain free for longer than before. I’ve joined two U3A walking groups - medium and slightly longer range, and been able to keep up without problem when using my poles".

"By enrolling on the Get Up and Go Lawn Bowls Course at Bedhampton I have found a new hobby. A huge thing for me was the friendly welcome from all members. I am not a confident person but felt so welcomed I found it quite easy to socialise with members".

"I enjoyed the yoga at waterlooville unfortunately I had to leave as my husband was taken ill . I intend to try and go back also go to Havant. Graham was a great chap always ready to help and advise"

"Given me a great interest. Also opened my life to new people that are now friends".

"GUAG Has helped me to be more active, and get fitter"

"Yoga has helped ease osteoarthritic pain and helped mobility"

"Taken me out of my comfort zone to go into access when I don't know anyone. Helping to reduce my anxiety".

"Getting out of the house and meeting new people"

"Made me think about what I wanted to prioritise to remain active"

"Attending get up and go yoga and Pilates sessions gave me the confidence to join horizon leisure centre and I now attend classes daily".

"Made me more confident to join in activities"

"Get Up and Go allows you to try different activities that you may not have done, it is an excellent way of introducing yourself to new things and people".

"It is just the right level for our age. Jo is so friendly and brilliant at making it comfortable for everyone. Yoga day is the best day of the week. Thank you all".

"Being more active and feeling better about myself (much happier and more productive)"

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing opportunity of the paddle boarding yesterday. For someone who actually used to root to the spot I managed to stand up and feel so confident: it’s given me great confidence boost. I’m now looking at booking some more lessons with Corine to increase my confidence a little more for when I go out with friends. The group support and encouragement was brilliant and you never felt pressured in any way. 


Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. "

Just a short note to say again, thank you very much for arranging for us to join the above course which we have thoroughly enjoyed.
It has enabled us to take up rambling and going for longer walks despite my worn out knee which had prevented me before.
Carl made the walks achievable and enjoyable as we learnt the Nordic walking technique in graduated stages which allowed everyone to develop to their capabilities whatever their physical limitations.
We can highly recommend the course and Carl as leader.

"I am feeling the benefit of stretching and my balance is improving. I enjoy the group and chatting to new people".

"I found the " Get up & Go " experience helpful in many different ways. To be part of a team and have communication with so many different people from all walks of life".

"Felt quite luxurious attending a pilates class. Very good instructor".

More self confidence to try out activities that I’d wanted to try but probably wouldn’t have without Get Up and Go!

“Everyone was so friendly, welcoming, enthusiastic and informative about the club that it has certainly inspired me to join up and I am sure there will be others from both the Get up and Go groups.

I have really enjoyed all the sessions and thought they were a great introduction to rowing and were well organised and inspiring and really appreciate the time and effort Mike and Kate put into them.”

“If it had not been for the Get up and Go initiative I would never had tried rowing so would never have found out how much I enjoy it and want to continue it.”

“As a participant it has inspired me to be more active and improve my fitness to make the most of opportunities”

"Get Up and Go gave me an environment where I could experience new activities without the anxiety of being the only newbie which for me was massive. As a single person it has enabled me to widen my social circle".

"I have really enjoyed the coastal rowing and have two more sessions sessions to do . It has definitely made me start to be more active after inactivity through covid times"

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