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Meet the Team

Just a few of the people you can expect to meet if you take part in any of our activities!

Sophie Iles

Get Up and Go Project Officer

Sophie worked at the council in 2011 and is thrilled to be back to coordinate the Get up and Go programme (from November 2022). Sophie is passionate about supporting residents to lead happy, healthy lives. "I am a single parent of 2 young children working full time so I understand how hard it is to fit physical activity in to your day. Being active helps me manage my mental health when life get's difficult!  I enjoy home kettlebell workouts, lunchtime badminton and walking"

Feel free to get in touch about the programme, if you need help finding local activities or to discuss working together on any new opportunities. 


Graham May

Get Up and Go Programme Ambassador

A volunteer at Staunton Country Park and originally helping with our guided walks up there, Graham quickly saw the benefits of the other activities within the programme and has participated in many since then with a preference towards yoga and Pilates. // 07444430848


Jo Standen
Jo the Yoga Teacher

Jo teaches our chair-based yoga on a Monday and a Tuesday.  Jo's yoga is a workout for the mind as well as the body.  Taking time to listen to your own body, Jo will guide you through the exercises to improve balance and flexibility, strengthening your body and mind with activities to co-ordinate the left and right sides of the brain.  New participants are always welcome and are encouraged and supported to join in at their own pace.  Jo also offers a range of other classes and retreats, so check out her website below! // 07986 168072

Sarah Jaques

Mind Body Mat Pilates

Sarah has previously taught a number of Gentle Pilates classes for the programme and her passion is helping people get moving, and discover things they never knew their bodies could do! When not on the mat, Sarah loves to be by the sea or roaming the country with her dog!

Sarah is going to be teaching our new Pilates at the Plaza class starting on the 23rd May // 07810 581508

pilates-southampton-hayling-hedgeend-sidebend (1).jpg

Mike Gilbert
Coastal Rowing academy

Mike leads the Langstone Adventure Rowing Club, based at Northney Marina on Hayling Island, and he delivers our 6-week coastal rowing courses! He is an incredibly experienced rower and an expert in coaching from beginner level all the way up to international competition level. 

In addition to the Get Up and Go courses and Academy Rowing Club (your long-term rowing option once you finish a course), Mike has a whole host of other rowing opportunities for all ages and abilities.  You can get in touch with him on the details below;

Langstone Adventure Rowing

Bekki Bradley

Strength and Conditioning Coach

British Rowing Educator

Bekki runs my own Personal Training business as The Coastal Coach, working with all ages providing fun classes and training to keep fit with friends,

Bekki also coaches Fixed Seat Rowing and work on the sea with the Coastal Rowing Academy teaching beginners to experienced rowers.


Gareth Davy
Tai Chi & Qigong for health and relaxation teacher

Gareth teaches our Get up and Go Tai Chi at Waterlooville Community centre. A bit about Gareth in his own words:

"In 1997, after a 20+ years career in broadcasting, the time felt right for a healthy career change. So the studies in exercise physiology began, eventually leading to a clutch of specialised qualifications in health and fitness.

It wasn’t long after starting Tai Chi & Qigong 18 that I realised how much it has to offer for the health and wellbeing of everyone. 

So with a professional background in exercise physiology, I now teach the principles of Tai Chi from both the 'traditional' Eastern perspective, and with the application of 'modern' Western exercise science. 

Currently teaching in the Havant and Waterlooville areas, a range of classes are available, including personal tuition. Catering for people of all ages, abilities or disabilities, with sessions adapted for groups with particular need".

Corine Ashton
Manager at Sandy Point Watersports centre

Corine manages Sandy Point Watersports and is bringing you Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) lessons with Get Up & Go on the picturesque Hayling Island. 

Corine is also a Yoga Instructor and has harmonised her two hobbies of Yoga and Paddleboarding to bring you SUP Yoga! 

Paddleboarding and Yoga is for all ages and abilities, they are both very mindful hobbies that leave you feeling zen, calm and tranquil. As well as the mindfulness, both Yoga and Paddleboarding are great activities to tone your body, wake up your muscles and to enjoy a good stretch! 

As well as lessons, Corine hosts Paddleboarding and Yoga, Events and Retreats. Get in touch with Corine to find out more about her Yoga and Paddleboarding

 offerings...  07478456331

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thumbnail_Me on Chesil Beach (2).jpg

Bekki Kingshott
Swimming coach

Bekki runs Salt and Pebble (Open Water) Swim Coaching and is running our Get Up and Go open water swim sessions.  She has swum outdoors since 2015 and decided to qualify as an open water swim coach in 2021 to introduce and inspire others to experience the physical, mental and social benefits that outdoor swimming brings.  She is a fully qualified L2 (active and local) swim teacher (having done so for 22 years) teaching babies, children and adults, fully qualified to teach swimmers with disabilities and deep water aqua aerobics, holds current pool and open water rescue awards and is fully insured.  She was also a competitive swimmer on and off up to her thirties and still trains with a local swim club. Her open water swimming highlights include a solo from Jersey to France, two England Channel relays, swimming the length of Lake Coniston and the circumference of Lake Wastwater, and swimming down the River Thames.  When she is not in the water or at work, you will see her walking her two dogs and going away in her campervan!

"Jonno is the Community Activator from local coaching company Active8 Minds. He leads a wide range of local community sessions ranging from Walking Football to New Age Kurling, aiming to increase participation and improve well-being within the community with the activities being inclusive for all abilities. 


In addition to the Inclusive Sport Club running at on Thursdays 2-3pm in Havant, Jonno and Active8 Minds look forward to working with Get Up and Go to offer more local activities in the near future!


To get in touch with Jonno please feel free to contact him on"

Jonno Ratcliffe
Community Activator, Active8 Minds


Hi, I am Carl. I wasn't always an active person. As a IT professional with some 40+ years of experience most of my time was spent in an office environment, commuting or traveling for business meetings. Then in my mid 50’s I had a life changing event - I foolishly undertook a 1/2 marathon … with insufficient preparation/training. Around the 5 mile mark (exhausted) I was passed by several walkers propelling themselves with poles and having a conversation with apparently no effort or exertion. I just had to find out what it was all about … it looked so much more enjoyable and sociable than my running activities. So I discovered Nordic Walking and loved it so much that I trained to become an instructor and walk leader. That was some 5 years ago and my only regret is not finding it sooner. I am not just fitter but have found a community of friends to share activities with and I would like to pass that on.

Carl Larkin
Nordic Walking instructor (Chinwag4u)

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