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Welcome to Get Up and Go Havant!

About Us

Get Up and Go is a Havant borough project funded by Hampshire County Council. The aim of the project is to help encourage everyone to move more, especially those who are not active due to a health condition or struggling financially. Activities with limited spaces will be prioritised to these residents of the borough.

We know that physical activity can bring a multitude of physical, mental and social benefits to us all, and we try to provide a range of fun activities which utilise and help us appreciate our beautiful local area, and help to make it as enjoyable and easy as possible to be active.


To browse what we currently have on offer, head to the 'book activities' page of this website. If you find an activity you would like to try you will need to please register first. You can also register to receive updates of new activities. 

There's also lots of existing opportunities in your local community venues, if you'd like help finding an activity to suit you, please  email

There is also a Facebook page

Get up and go – and enjoy something new!

For activities available in East Hampshire District, head to

Mike has enjoyed attending a class with people similarly minded and feels his balance and stamina has improved. In addition he feels a sense of well-being and friendship.

'The men enjoy it as much as the women'


What a fantastic set up Get Up and Go is! I applaud the Council-  for me in particular, having the opportunity to try things out of my comfort zone and to push boundaries, I love it! I love the fact it's so so good for your mental and physical heath and so sociable, everyone I have come onto contact with is seriously so nice and so welcoming. Mike who runs  rowing is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable, he is a dream. I would like to personally thank  Havant Council for putting Get up and Go out there, and thank you to Katie for being so keen and  approachable too!


At first I didn't know if was for me but I found it amazing, everybody was so welcoming and in the same 'boat'. The camaraderie of all made it very enjoyable!

'I found a focus to my week and had something to look forward to & my confidence has grown'.


Get in Touch

Havant Borough Council
Public Service Plaza
Civic Centre Road, Havant
Hampshire, PO9 2AX

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