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Men's Health

From physical to mental and everything in-between, you may have questions or concerns regarding your health. Below are links to different websites for information and support.


Physical Health Men's Health forum covers a large range of topics regarding men’s health. From common questions around your body, to training and campaigns, this website contains useful information and support to guide you. You can find a DIY Man MOT that you can do yourself at home and covers other checks you can do on yourself as well as where to go next if you need further advice.


The NHS website has answers to some common men's health questions and links to other services such as Sexual health, Erectile problems, Prostate information and information on how to check your testicles for any changes.


Sometimes men are uncomfortable opening up and reaching out about their struggles with mental health for a whole range of reasons. Movember are a leading charity with the aim to change the face of men’s health. Their website gives information surrounding the Movember movement, how to get involved and real-life stories. They offer advice and support if you’re struggling with your mental health as well as advice on how to support someone who is struggling.

Man Mind is a movement dedicated to men who are working on their minds and mental health. During the Man Mind mornings the organisers will take you through 3 rounds of Wim Hof Breathing on the beach, followed by a sea dip and then a coffee and a catch up to finish. The link to the Portsmouth group is here.

RESPECT is a men’s advice line for victims of domestic abuse. You can find out about the different types of domestic abuse, how to get support and help and legal information. On the homepage you can watch a short video explaining the process of a typical call to their helpline. The helpline is free to call on 0808 8010327.


Many of us who are responsible for children and struggling with their mental health may worry about the day-to-day challenges of parenting and how it impacts the children or ability to look after them. MIND has a tips and support page covering many questions or worries you may have surrounding this. There is informative advice around seeking help, being a single parent with mental health problems and taking care of yourself.


For any health concerns, please contact your GP. If you are, or believe someone else to be in immediate danger, contact 999

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