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Getting out and meeting people 

Getting out and meeting new people can be daunting so we have gathered some advice/recommendations to help you get out and connect with new people.


Get up and Go has proven to bring people together, which we have seen from the feedback we have had on the project.


Joining a community group or attending a community centre activity can further help you connect with people locally. Here is a link to the community centres in the borough. We also have a database of current physical activities in the community, and this includes support groups.


Joining a community Facebook page can bring up opportunities for local meet ups. Several groups arrange meet ups to make new friends locally. You can also ask in these groups about any local friendship groups.


Ramblers Wellbeing walks - are another great way of connecting with new people. We have some walks in the borough and are hoping to get more going in the next few months.


Volunteering can help you connect with new people. Hampshire Countryside service often has opportunities and more information can be found here.


You can also visit Community first pages for volunteering opportunities


Meetup is a people platform where interests become networks. For 20+ years, millions of people have chosen Meetup to make real connections over shared interests. There is a free trial available to join. 

Occasionally, people have concerns about going out in case they are not near a toilet. Toilet Map a great site for checking local toilets where you are planning to go.


If you are looking for a new activity or group, or you’re unsure where to start, please contact 

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